Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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Blogging has fast transformed from a geeks-only idea to a dependable information media. In recent years, bloggers have made impressive amounts of money from blogging. How do they do it? Sit back and let us explore this fast-rising passive income stream.

Affiliate links

You make money by promoting other people’s products and services through affiliate links. Affiliate links are a great way of polishing and supplementing your content without describing everything. When you join an affiliate program, the affiliate vendors give you a unique affiliate ID containing all your information. Every affiliate link contains the vendors URL and your affiliate ID. When a person clicks an affiliate link on your blog, they are taken to the vendors website and a cookie is stored on their computer. An affiliate tracking system tracks the cookies and generates the commission for your blog.

Link anchoring allows you to dress up the affiliate link to make it look clean and appealing. Affiliate links can be placed anywhere on your blog, depending on your preference. This can be on the sidebar, within the blog content or in the recommendations. Make sure that the affiliate links density is acceptable and compelling, placing too many affiliate links on your website gives visitors the impression that you are only after their money.

Only recommend sites and products you trust and have verified; being truthful about your affiliate links guarantees you a higher chance of conversion.

To increase your earnings; publish strong content and research the best affiliate programs within your blogs’ niche. Remember to add Nofollow tags to all links avoid any penalties.

Display ads on your website

Adding ads to your blog is the easiest way to monetize it. To begin, sign up to advertising networks like Google AdSense or Amazon Affiliate. Google AdSense works by placing contextual ads on you blog. They determine the content of your blog and publish ads relevant to this content. Advertisers are paid on a pay-per-click model where you are paid when a visitor clicks on an ad in your blog. You start by creating an AdSense campaign related to your blog, google then places targeted ads on your blog. Yahoo publisher is a similar platform, the prices here are flexible depending on traffic.

Amazon affiliate works by displaying ads to products on Amazon. You earn money from product sales through your affiliate link. You should however be careful to choose the correct geolocation for every affiliate program.

Sell ad space privately; companies pay to advertise with you. You need to create an “advertise with us” page, mention traffic stats and set your own pricing requirements based on the ads displayed.

Advertising networks offer a flexible way for growing blogs to earn money from ads. All you need to do is give information about your blog and the ads you wish to publish. You get paid through the cost-per-click model. Always offer relevant ads relating to your content, this will prevent your site from looking spammy and less attractive.

Publish sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are where companies pay you to create and publish content on their behalf. You publish content that features their product or service to targeted readers on your blog. This content can either be written by the sponsor based on your guidelines and published by you or written and published by you, based on their resources. Common sponsored posts include product giveaways, discounts for blog readers, product reviews etc. Publishing sponsored posts requires your blog to have a high number of engaged audience and social media following, acceptable Domain Authority and an impressive SEO ranking. Earnings for this method are extremely dynamic based on your blog niche and the existing market competition.

Before agreeing to publish a sponsored post, ensure that;

  • The content is relevant and acceptable to your audience
  • Reputable sponsor

Sponsored posts should reflect your truthful opinion of the product or service, this will maintain the visitor’s reputation and trust of you. To begin; gather your blog info and stats, decide on fees, content of posts and your payment method.

How much money can you make?

The sky really is the limit when it comes to making money from blogging. At first, it can be hard to eke a living, however, as time goes by and your visitors and traffic increases, your income also improves. Part-time Bloggers make at least $10,000 a year from blogging, while full-time bloggers make about $100,000+ a year.

You can make roughly $0.01-$0.25 per page view by displaying affiliate ads. Google AdSense pays from $0.1-$0.5 per page view. Amazon affiliate programs pay variably depending on the purchase made through your affiliate link.

Sponsored content will earn you $50-$500 per post. Organic traffic from search engines guarantees you more money, you should, therefore, maximize on SEO and strong content. With the right mindset, proper SEO, and dedication, you can pull roughly $15,000-$150,000 per year from blogging over the subsequent years.

How to get started

Starting a blog is very simple – but it isn’t always easy. The following steps will save you considerable time on this journey.

Step 1: Choose The Topic

Blogs thrive on publishing quality content. Choose a niche that you are passionate about and one that has potential monetizing options. Shy away from oversaturated niches and unpopular topics.

Step 2: Platform.

Choosing the right content management system saves you the hassle of writing everything. is preferred and recommended platform. Also consider Medium, Blogger, Wix. For WordPress, opt for the self-hosted installation.

Step 3: Domain Name

Pick a name that is unique, descriptive, and memorable. Your domain name should be short, authentic, and legal. A simple domain name will make it easier for readers to remember and recommend, convenient for monetizing.

Step 4: Settings

Install and configure the themes, interfaces, and settings of your blog. You can choose from a variety of themes available. Set up the relevant blog design that effectively conveys the message of your blog, it should be recognizable and appealing to the readers.

Step 5: Security

Check if your hosting company or platform offers SSL certificates; they encrypt your site from your visitors to prevent security threats. platform offer you upload your own SSL or use free Let's Encrypt certificate.

Step 6: Getting Started

At this point, you’re now ready to write and publish your first post. Your posts should be about interesting stuff that will quickly convert visitors. Learn and research about community standards and acceptable content among the platforms.


For any blogger, your readers always come first. You can build your blog to a serious online presence and make money while at it. Be careful not to get overexcited and sacrifice content for money. Be patient and choose your options carefully and stay loyal to your readers.

Good luck!

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