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Are you searching for a smooth, step by step guide on how to start a blog? How do I start my own blog? A blog is the best platform to share your thoughts and skills in the online space. You can start a blog, grow an audience, and later earn money from blogging. In this article, you will learn the best way to create a blog, reasons to start a blog, and how to earn money from blog. Before you begin thinking about how to set up a blog for free, here are some benefits of creating a successful blog.

Reasons why you need a blog

You might ask yourself, do I need to be a great writer to start my own blog? Is it possible for me to blog for free? The good news is, you do not need to be a great writer to start a successful blog. You can also create a blog with no money or writing experience and transform it into a monetary machine that brings in partial income.

  • Build a community - A personal blog can be an interactive sphere that allows you to share bits and pieces of your life. Your audience can like, share, or comment on the post, creating an online family of like-minded individuals. Start a blog and expand your network.
  • Make money - Blogging can be a lucrative side-hustle with many options for monetizing the blog. Successful blogs can earn up to six figures monthly if you put in the right effort. You can create your blog for free, and earn from it for every post you make.
  • Share your personal experience - Some niches such as cooking blog and travel blog allow you to share your skills and daily experiences. The readers can connect to your unique voice, amassing a considerable following. Present your perspective on specific topics by starting a personal blog.
  • Build your brand name - Blogging has become a critical component in digital marketing for many brands today. Build a blog with fantastic content and set yourself apart as an expert in your respective industry.

How to make money with your blog

You have the potential to mint a lot of money if you build a blog correctly, even if you created a blog for free. However, for most people, the mindset is wrong. You may need to work hard and tirelessly for you to have a successful blog. How do I start my own blog and make money? Before we delve into the steps to start a blog, here’s how you can monetize it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are a great source of passive income when you start a blog today. Opportunities such as Amazon Affiliate Program allow you to earn a commission from every sale made from a customer who used your link.

Ad Network

You can also make money from pay per click ad networks. A great place to start is Google AdSense. As your visitors increase, you can switch to better networks with higher payouts.

Sponsored Blog post

As you begin to rack up thousands of visitors on the blog, you may earn sponsored gigs. Companies can ship their products to you for discussion or review. You can make money if you choose a profitable blog niche such as a financial blog, fashion blog, or perhaps a beauty blog.

Sell Online Products

You may create valuable digital content such as videos, webinars, e-books, and courses that you may sell to your audience. Find out what your visitors need, and craft a creative product to sell. Take time to come up with the content, and make money selling it online.

How to start a blog today for free

There are many avenues to start my own blog with no money. BlogWeb is the best blogging platform that allows you to create and customize your blog. Read on to find the step by step guide on the best way to create a blog with no money.

Pick A Blog Name

Choose a creative name for your blog. A good blog name identifies your content to your audience. An anonymous blog may be harder to find when running in search engines. Where can I get inspiration for a blog name when I start my own blog? Check the main keywords you wish to focus on and choose from them.

Choose A Blog Template

Find an appropriate template to match your needs. BlogWeb has thousands of custom templates with all built-in features, making it the best platform to start a blog website for free. You don’t have to build the design from scratch.

Link Your Domain

BlogWeb provides cloud-based services that can host your blog, and you don’t need a third-party vendor for domain host and name. The staff may help you select the domain name and extension suitable for your blog. Counter-check that there is no existing website with your preferred domain name.

Create Amazing Content

Through the interactive dashboard, you can create content for your blog pages. The editing tools allow you to add images, alt texts, videos, and infographics to your posts. Besides, you can add links and format the blog posts to your liking.

Publish Your Work

After completing your blog post, you then press the publish button, availing the content to the whole world to see. A good blog usually has quality content published regularly, keeping the audience engaged at all times. Make categories for your posts for your visitors to have an easier time navigating to their preferred pages.

Share With The World

After publishing your post, the next thing is to make your work known. Share your blog posts widely with friends and family. You can also share on your social media handles, increasing the traffic to your new blog. Join online communities and forums and share links to your posts.

Should I make my blog on Wordpress or other CMS?

Contrary to popular opinion, WordPress and other CMS may not be the best platform to start my own blog for free. A WordPress blog requires hosting services which are provided for by third-party agents. You may have to fork out money every month to the domain hosting provider for your blog to remain visible on the internet. You may acquire the blog website for free but still have to pay the regular monthly installments for hosting.

Additionally, a WordPress blog requires that you use your domain, which may cost you extra money. The best plugins and templates are available at a costly price, which most beginners may not afford. You may also require developer skills to maintain and run the WordPress blog.

With BlogWeb, you get a blog for free, with free hosting services and domain address. You also enjoy 24/7 technical support to address any problems you may have with your blog site. The custom templates mean you can start your blog on the best blogging platform, and grow it into a successful blog.

Most beginners end up stranded on the right way to create a blog. How do I start my own blog with no money? Which is the best blogging platform to use? BlogWeb is a cloud-based platform that allows you to start your blog within less than 20 minutes for free.

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